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It has been more than a half century since Italo Frison started SBF in 1952. With little more than a hammer and some steel he proceeded to create his first bumper car,the result of a skilled hand and a passion for the industry.

Now, more than 60 years later these same ideals have been the instrumental in the growth of the SBF-VISA GROUP as one of largest amusement ride manufacturer.

With more than 350 rides from which to choose, SBF-VISA continues to set the standards for quality and innovation. From Family Rides to Thrill Rides to Children’s rides, SBF-VISA can deliver the right attraction to suit your needs. Or perhaps your need is for a custom ride attraction. If so, SBF-VISA has engineering, design, and art departments that are second to none. Let them create for you the ride experience that will thrill and excite your guests. Whether it is a park model or a trailer mounted ride, we will customize your ride with colors and artwork that will make it a uniquely themed attraction.

The SBF VISA GROUP is a full service manufacturing and design facility that has a reputation that is renowned worldwide as an industry leader in the production of some of the most successful amusement rides. Our products operate in many of the world’s top amusement facilities all over the globe. It is also important to remember that SBF VISA manufacturers its rides utilizing state of the art technology, using the highest quality parts and components to provide years of performance with an absolute minimum of down time.

We proudly maintain production standards that comply with EN, TUV, and ASTM requirements where applicable. Safety and reliability are the foundation for all that we do. And, our after-sales service is an essential part of every ride we sell. Our customers know that we are committed to providing them with the support that they need to keep their rides earning year after year.

Whether you are looking for one ride to improve your operations or many for an entire new facility, make SBF-VISA your company of choice. We have been supplying rides to amusement parks, FEC’s,zoos, and travelling carnivals since 1952.Our business depends on your business and we try to earn that business with each and every ride we produce.

We have never lost sight of the basic principles on which Italo Frison founded his company. We invite you to become part of the SBF-VISA GROUP family, too.


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Located in the beautiful countryside of northern Italy, SBF/VISA maintains more than 20.000 square meters of manufacturing facilities. It is here that we design, manufacture and test the rides that we produce for use throughout the world. Whether it is a kiddie ride or a rollercoaster, SBF/VISA puts it through a rigorous quality control and testing process to make sure that it meets industry standards and worthy to bear the SBF/VISA name.

From start to finish, our work is performed in-house. It is important to keep in mind that our designers and engineers are always on site, able to control and monitor all steps of the manufacturing process every step of the way. And as demand for our products continues to grow, so does our need for production space. We are constantly expanding to meet that demand. Current space is always being expanded in an effort to keep up with our production needs.

We use state of the art processes in our production to provide our customers with the finest quality products available on the market today. We are constantly growing, innovating, and improving our business and products each and every year.

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