SBF/VISA – Introduces New Ride Innovations Set To Revolutionize Future Entertainment Development

SBF/VISA pioneers new ride innovations that have helped to spawn substantial growth in the amusement sector – both in existing facilities as well as with the new emerging micro park designs.

Rides like the exciting new Big Air Coaster (the next generation of the hugely successful spinning coaster line that incorporates the newly patented RollOver car), the Mini Reverse Time, the Drop N’ Twist Tower, and the Tower Planes are all new rides that have revolutionized how the entertainment industry will approach future ride expansions.  These are but a few of the rides that have been utilized by facilities that are low on available space but are looking to expand their ride offerings.  SBF/VISA has engineered many of their most successful and profitable rides to minimize the amount of space required to include them into almost any ride mix – indoor or outdoor.

Recently The Funplex in Myrtle Beach opened with 7 rides, including a larger version of the Big Air Coaster in an area of only 18,000 sq. feet!  Say hello to the micro park, a first class amusement park in an area where a giant tract of land is not available.

Let us help you to expand your business, not your size.